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We also offer additional services expertly operating our own heavy equipment and trucks to help you complete your home projects with ease! 


CAT 299 D3 Skid Steer

• Moving and Leveling: material rock, dirt, and sand in hard to reach places.
• Load/Unload trucks ( 5,000 lb Pallets)
• Land Management- Brush cutting, black berries removal, small trees, grass etc on rough terrain

Maintenance of Roads and right of ways

CAT 305.5 Excavator

• Excavating

Rock Walls 

• Site Prep

• Road Building

• Septic, Power, Water Installation

• Augering 18" Holes for Corner Posts or Sona Tubes

• Concrete Demo and Removal

• Snow Removal

KW 6yd Dump Truck

• Hauling Material (Trucking and Delivery)

• Gravel Delivery

• Spreading rock, gravel, dirt, sand, horse arena sand etc.

"Super professional work Loren, great job! You run your machine like a pro! Thanks so very much!"

Joe M.

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